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Well, traditionally not a bad concept; i suppose women deserve rights and to be equal too, but unfortunaly (like evreything on this damn planet) it became extreme for many people. A Feminist is anyone who supports the ideal that women are just as equal to men (is not gender specific), but due to human stupidity, it got twisted by some extreme women into one of those: women are so much smarter and better than men, and men are evil rotten people; isin't that lovely?
Correct Feminist Discussion:

Steve: Do you think women deserve equal rights as men?
Joe: Yeah why not?
Kate: Women are just as equal to men, and they both deserve equal rights in society!

Incorrect Femininst Discussion:
Lenny: Yeah i think women and men are equal in society, and should be treated as such
Martha: Ha! Dont make me laugh! Women are so much smarter, kinder, and better people than men!
Kira: Yeah this world would be sooo much better with no men!
by Celt101 November 26, 2009

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