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A state of the penis that isn't quite a semi, but isn't quite soft. A .25 on the boner scale, if you may.
I got a semisemi from my the thought of my boss naked.
by Catpan November 13, 2017
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To be friendlisted is to be banned from a Discord server. Your first sight immediately after is your friends list.
When I started spamming nigger in the Garry's Mod and More server, I got friendlisted.
by Catpan January 12, 2018
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But you already knew that. You only wanted to see if some sarcastic asshole made this page. Never ask "where the hell am I" again!
by Catpan November 30, 2016
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When someone jacks off in the school bathroom, but isn’t even subtle about it. They’ll reject the claim if accused. A Daniloff is someone who will often miss class just to bust a load in their favorite porcelain bowl.
“Where’s Nick?”
“Oh, don’t worry. He’s just being a Daniloff. Keep watch of the handicap stall.”
by Catpan December 13, 2019
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A way of implying sarcasm, irony, or retardation. Can also be spelled "haah".

Origin: Mirrored "Halo Wars" Box Art (google "haah")
Discord user: hee ho haah *uploads stupid image*


"Wow, I'm stupid. My fatass thought that was a lamp... HaaH."
by Catpan December 7, 2018
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