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A jackass; a beligerant fucker; The thin line between being a nerd and a pompous anal-retentive jerk-off who will only get some if they jack off OR if they date a fat ass bitch; may also be someone who sits on there ass all day and plays video games and/or skates hard all day but some how just doesn't get any better. A "syd" may also be someone who at one time at the best girlfriend in the world and dumped them for someone who looks much like a fatter blonde version of Rosie O'Donnal.
the top 20 warning signs that you may be a Syd:
1. you are an asshole
2. you steal your dads porn
3. you think satan is hott
4. your favorite phrase is "fuck you"
5. you use to be hot until you turned into and asshole which automatically classifys you as ugly
6. you think tool is the best band in the world
7. you think Asians are hott
8. you like invader zim (good show)
9. your name is Syd Barry
10. you use to love a girl so much until she screwed up and instead of being suporrtive you treated her like shit
11. you are a stupid narcisist
12. your ex-girlfriend still cares about you no matter how much you treat her like shit, because you were her first love and her first many other things but you cant see passed the fact you hate her
13. you are funny because you are an asshole
14. you have a burning passion to kill a girl named CarolAnn
15. you cant see passed a persons mistakes and forgive them so instead you rub it in their face only to make them cry and then you laugh because your glad they are crying.
16. you like to make girls cry
17. you secretly are the sweetest guy in the world but you would never let it show
18. you know how to make even the saddest girl smile
19. you still are an asshole
20. you dont know how to say your sorry
by CarolAnn June 15, 2004

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