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Someone who believes the silly argument about how the world will be saved if people eat plants instead of meat -- when really that argument is not against humans natural diet of meat but an against the current overpopulation.

(fewer people, eat more meat). (Fewer people try the sterile fly approach violating no ones right to sex.)
You mean if we reduced human population to 1/10th the current level, few places would need confinement feedlots to grow meat?

Yep, the PETA-vegetarian plan puts people in the overpopulated, restricted diet environment of confined feedlots in place of animals -- while still allowing people to use up wilderness. Not a real solution.

Yes with everyone becoming a vegetarian we can support 10 times as many humans as with meat. But within 30-50 years we still start universal starvation in elbow to elbow company of universal harmony.

But if we all become vegetarians we gain 30-50 years. By then we can gain another 20 years by using genetic engineering to shrink average human size to a body mass of 1/6th, about 30 pounds - which Guinness books records show is viable for intelligent human life. We will then be small gray people with space and time travel technology (proven by UFO accounts) and never have to worry about overpopulating a world...although reproduction may well require anal probes of our ancestors.
by Cannibal Lector February 09, 2010
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