52 definitions by Callumbus

To tweak or rip-off something well known, yet improve it, or have it received as better than.
A good meme is a known pop culture reference, mastardised to ROFL effect.
by Callumbus December 24, 2019
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The design or aesthetic qualities of something that are coloured in muted, dull and drab tones, where they should be bright and inviting.
The stuff in the arts and crafts stall seems to have all been hit by the mutehammer; it’s boring as hell.
by Callumbus December 05, 2020
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Since, im supposed to be going sober, would you hand me some of that nalcohol.
by Callumbus January 29, 2021
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Not art; to say that something someone considers art, isn't or has no artistic value.
I opened the topic up to the students; 'Andy Warhol's Brillo boxes, art or nart?'
by Callumbus March 06, 2019
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Not in any kind of state of anything; finding yourself blankly devoid of thought or perception in the moment.
Sid lay on his bed in a complete state of nesslessness, having lost his job for no good reason.
by Callumbus May 04, 2018
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A panacearian is someone who can cure all ailments and conflicts, usually this person is a well respected leader or community member.
I'm being a panacearian today, I quelled the neighborhood rivalry, made peace with the man, and whipped up a special bowl of hot soup for Clara's cold; writing down the recipe for all her classmates.
by Callumbus October 08, 2019
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Nipperoosky is a degree of coldness more so than 'nippy' but less so than 'Freezing'
by Callumbus May 11, 2020
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