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all of the definitions that were given above are wrong and just bc people watch nascar, wears wranglers, wears wife beaters, are poor and racist, do drugs,have a southern accent(which i have),shaved heads and mohawks,body piercings, have sex with their cousins, likes all you can eat buffets, uneducated, listens 2 country musics, gets pregnant before the age of 16, & shops at walmart,kmart,and the dollar tree DOESNT MEAN THAT PEOPLE ARE WHITE TRASH. I mean think bout it if we didnt have walmart then i dont know were i would by my food and other accesories. WHITE TRASH is just a word that a bunch of RICH BITCHES use to make people feel bad.....AND TO ALL THE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT JUDGE PEOPLE BY THE WAY THAT THEY LOOK AND LIVE, YOU NEED A REALITY CHECK AND IM SORRY THAT ALL PEOPLE CANT BE AS PERFECT AS Y'ALL....
white trash is a mean word
by CHLOE SHEA January 20, 2008

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