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Leeray is the kind of guy you want to be with for the rest of your life. He is so adorable, has a sweet smell, and you could easily get lost in his eyes. His smile makes you feel so warm inside and just gives you butterflies that you wouldn't want to wish away. He will steal your heart and that's where it'll stay. He takes your breath away and will always be on your mind. Leeray is the kind of guy that thinks about you 24/7 and calls you all the time because he loves talking to you. He will never let you forget that he loves you. He loves being with you, tickling you, holding your hand, and holding you in his arms. His kisses are so sweet that you'd easily miss them after a second. He is such a faithful person and you would never ever want to let him go. Leeray is the kind of guy that'd be the love of your life. He will do absolutely anything and everything for you and is such a truthful person. Words can't describe him. Although chivalry may be dead, Leeray's words and actions keep them alive. He has such a kind heart and when you're in his arms, you wouldn't ever want him to let go. He's the kind of guy that makes you feel special because you're his #1. You don't know what you'd do or where you'd be without him. He changes your life; he makes your life better. You will never be able to forget him. I love you Leeray! <3, CDR
Leeray HKT<3
by CDDR October 12, 2011
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