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To do something to a fictional character with significant popularity to make said character unpopular. This is most often done out of trying too hard to promote the character so that it backfires. However, it can also be done if other characters are desired by their creators to be more popular than a given character created by said persons.

Taken from the Street Fighter character of the same name, who has gone through being upstaged by a character with the same fighting style in the Alpha Series, not being updated nearly as much as the other characters in the series as time went on, as well as the indignity of being portrayed as Jean-Claude van Damme in the worst game-based movie of all time.
I used to like Daredevil in the comics but the movie about him really guiled him for me.


Nothing can ever guile the Looney Tunes, not even Space Jam.
by C.F. Semprini December 09, 2003

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