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The place you go to when ever your body reacts to a groove.

When your body resonates with a groovy lick, riff or breakdown, you can't help but move with the groove.
Be it head banging, air guitar, air drums or just tapping out a rhythm. Most true metal lovers go to groove town without noticing it at first. The body just instinctively reacts.

You tend to pull faces when you go to groove town, like showing teeth as you nod/bang your head or sucking in air with your lips with an "oooo" shape.
"I had Animals as Leaders blaring so loud, the neighbours where definitely in fucking GROOVE TOWN!"

"Hold onto your sack, next stop Groove Town!"


N - Hey Rob wait till you hear this part of the song!!
Rob - *Pulls face, starts headbanging* MAN!
N- I know, GROOVE TOWN! haha yes *Also head bangs*
by Butcher Blain May 06, 2011

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A term for large unattractive women. Usually having a reptilian or dinosaur look.

These women are usually very lonely and unintelligent.

Warning do not feed Loch Mess Monsters!!!

Rumour has it that all LMM's share a genetic marker
that can be traced right back to Nessy herself.

"So this Loch Mess Monster jumps me while I was pissed, tries prying open my lips with her tongue, man. I was sure I was dino dinner. Lucky enough I had some bacon handy, tossed it away from me... never seen something so big run so fast."

"Shit man... loch mess monsters everywhere, lets bounce!"

"Quick!! rub yourself in shit, de guise your scent from the Loch mess Monster over there!!"
by Butcher Blain June 02, 2011

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