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An old sock filled with so much dried semen it has become crusty, mainly found in teenage boys rooms.
Also might be filled with lotion
"Yo dude, while you were in the bathroom, I uh... um, found a crusty sock in your drawer"
"Shit I forgot about that!
by BummerBHindaShed September 22, 2020
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People who will flex on anyone with one simple line.

"By the way, I use Arch"
"Btw I use arch"
"I don't care if you or anyone else are Arch Users!"
by BummerBHindaShed January 28, 2021
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A Linux User is someone who knows either a somewhat amount about computers or a lot about computers and coding etc. Linux users use different forms of Linux. Some are Ubuntu Users, Debian Users, Arch Users, Manjaro Users, TAILS User and lots of others.
"What do you do on your computer?"
"I'm a Linux User, I do some simple coding and browse the internet"
"F*cking Nerd"
by BummerBHindaShed January 28, 2021
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These people like the idea of Arch Linux or either don't know how to or don't want to install Arch by themselves!

(I use Manjaro shush)
"Manjaro Users are lazy"
"Stfu you use Ubuntu"
by BummerBHindaShed January 28, 2021
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How to completely learn a GCSE Science specification in less than 3 hours
"Mate I'm failing this exam"
"What you need if FreeScienceLessons"
"Oh yeah"
by BummerBHindaShed June 20, 2022
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