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Out of gas.
We're tankrupt.
Shit. How far to the nearest gas station?
by Bugyack February 19, 2010

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Rolling a joint at great speed.
Geoffrey: Hurry up already, Moff. 'Lock, Stock's' about to start and I wanna puff that herb!
Moff: Never fear, Mr. Geoffrey. I'll be ready with your ganja lickety-spliff!
by Bugyack September 17, 2013

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Inseparable friends due to mutual affinity for hip-hop.
Son to ma: "Bobby gave me this gold record with samples from De La Soul and we just poured over his hip-hop vinyls like all day."
Ma to son: "Sounds like you and this Bobby are joined at the hip-hop."
by Bugyack October 21, 2013

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An artist/musician/band on music streaming services played again and again and again, especially after giving any one of their tunes a thumb's up.
Don't thumb's up that Cat Stevens track on my Talking Heads station, Brittany -- Stevens is a total takeover artist like The Beatles or Michael Jackson!
by Bugyack April 25, 2015

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: a frequent technological failure you strongly dislike or hate
—used to express surprise, disappointment, anger, etc.
: a technological hurdle that hampers efficiency and is wasteful of time
John: Hello Nat! For some reason I do not seem to be receiving any of the college's e-mails today.
Nat: Hmm. I can't explain why it's happening, just that our new email listserv is not delivering emails to anyone with first initial "J."
by Bugyack September 21, 2017

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"Cheers" and/or "Health", for those who cannot pronounce the Gaelic, "Sláinte".
Luke: It's your big day, it's right time for a nip and toast before you head up there.
Johnny: Fine. Pour 'em.
Matty: No speeches..
Jalal: I'm cool with that..
Johnny: Me too. Let's just raise 'em high and cheers, "Cilantro!"
Jalal: What the hell is that?
Johnny: It's my version of that gaelic term no one can rightly pronounce in the states!
Jalal: Word.

(All Four): "CILANTRO"!
by Bugyack November 14, 2013

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