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Cousin Oliver'd is related to a Cousin Pam'd. Being Cousin Pam'd is "when a male and female are having sex and another man reveals himself and inserts his penis into the woman's anus without her consent, the woman, at first is not happy, but after a while realizes she thinks it feels good".

Being Cousin Oliver'd is when you are having sex & another man out of nowhere inserts his penis into your anus. At first you are not happy & after a while....you are still not friggn happy.

Just like when they introduced us to Cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch. We didn't like that little jinxing bastard when he showed up at the Brady's house & we didn't like that bowl cut John Denver looking dwarf when the show was canceled.
While having sex with my man, his friend came in from out of nowhere & stuck his dick in my arse. I was all freaked out & they told me not to worry that i was only being Cousin Pam'd. After a few moments I decided I was actually being Cousin Oliver'd.
by Bud Hud April 18, 2013
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