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1.The #1 team in baseball that attracts "bandwaggon fans" but in reality attracts "bandwaggon haters" because they are mislead by every other team who have been owned at one point by the Yankees.

2.The Boston Red Sox #1 rival. Sox fans hate the Yankees with the passions of hell because they were indeed owned multiple times by the Yankees.

3.The evil Empire. Destroyer of baseball. Over-paid egotistic idiots (expression commonly used by Boston fans, the 2nd most paid team in baseball). The Yankees do manage however to sell-out game tickets wherever they go and put butts on stadium seats. The irony.
1. Baseball fan: Do you watch baseball?
Guy: No.
Baseball fan: If you could pick a baseball team you
didn't like though, who would it be?
Guy: Hmmm...Probably the New York Yankees.
Baseball fan: Typical...

2. Boston fans: We were cursed I tell you! CURSED!!
Yankee fan: No, you sucked for 86 years. GET OVER IT!

3. Boston fan: Those damn Yankees buy everything. Baseball's
not fun anymore.
Guy: So you going to the game?
Boston fan: Of course, the Yankees are playing at Fenway.
Those are the best games!
by BuckFoston a.k.a Lady Yankee August 22, 2006
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