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Girl Crazy Douche: A man whose thoughts and actions center around women. The two types of GCD are men who are whipped by their woman and men who are obsessed with fucking women. GCD's tend to prefer hanging with woman, are obsessed with how they appear, make fun of those who don't have a girlfriend (which is ironic, because in most cases the man without the girlfriend gets more poon that whipped GCD), and lie endlessly to their male friends to make it seem like they aren't obsessed or preoccupied with poon/their gf. GCD's also tend to have woman like qualities.
1) John-Yeah I love my girlfriend so much, I'm staying with her al weekend we are gonna watch movies and talk alot

Fred-Your girlfriend has your balls in a chokehold you GCD.

John-It's worth the poon

Fred-That's why you write love poetry with her on saturday nights than hang with your bros and get real poon?


George-It's Wednesday...were in school chill the fuck down you GCD
by Broman Fratlic December 12, 2010

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