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The Broadway musical based upon the 1980s movie with Olivia Newton-John. Playing at the Helen Hayes Theater, Xanadu tells the story of an artist (Sonny Malone) who is saved by a Greek muse (Clio/Kira) who appears out of the chalk mural he is creating. Together, they create great art: a roller disco named Xanadu. The OBC stars Cheyenne Jackson, Kerry Butler, Jackie Hoffman, Mary Testa, and Tony Roberts, to name a few.
Ex #1
Broadway Enthusiast: I hope Xanadu does well at the Tony Awards!

Ex #2
Broadway Enthusiast: I just saw Xanadu!
Ignoramus: Isn't that a trashy movie?
Broadway Enthusiast: But now it's a fantastic musical on Broadway!
by Broadway Enthusiast February 15, 2008
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