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Anphillia used to be one of the most popular Neverwinter Nights modules. Incorporating quality roleplay and fast-paced PvP into the classic setting of "The Island torn By War", Anphillia managed to maintain a prestigious spot at the top of the Roleplay lobby's server-list for many years.

Unfortunately, the founders Eyesolated and Vico had a quarrel with the host, Pater Noster, and deserted. The phony staff that decided to remain with the dictating host soon assumed the rule of the server and the community, and has since led to the decline of the server, namely after deserting a dynamic and responsible host that used the alias of "Bert", claiming that he was a "dictator".

Anphillia is being redesigned for Neverwinter NIghts 2, but whether the project will really fly or not is yet to be seen.

In the original Neverwinter Nights, the only survivor server from a list of Anph-clones is the server currently hosted by "Bert" which is also under a process of redesigning and re-ordering (Lands of Anphillia). It has been in development for more than a year now, and many doubt it will see the light of day.
"I wish highly uncreative servers would stop calling themselves Anphillia..."
by Brink Dax December 15, 2006
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