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1. noun - The brun refers to the final 2 centimeters (roughly) of the male penis, partially - and sometimes totally - including the V-spot. This area, as it often swells and softens upon use, is also known as the crown of the penis. In addition, Brun is always capitalized.

2. intr. verb - (Brunning, Brunned, Bruns) - Similar to putting one's thumb over the nozzle of a spraying water hose. Brunning refers to the act of applying serious pressure to the Brun of the penis at the exact point of seminal discharge, resulting in a scatterspray of coconut juice.
Brun Michaels was bestowed his name because he was conceived by act of Brunning one wintry autumn night in September.

Masturbating beneath his dormroom desk, Jimmy felt some serious pain during climax when he thrust his Brun into the bottom of his oak veneer.

Although scrotal tucks are the craze in New Orleans, Ron instead decided to go with the total Brun removal package at the veterinarian.

Peter was feeling a little inept so he decided to get a Brun enlargement.

Viagra makes Johnny feel a bit randy. Sometimes his Brun swells to twice its normal girth.

She started slowly, at his Brun....
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