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A very beautiful amazing woman. Spanish for Rose and very much like one. Closed like a rose bud and difficult to peel the petal layers but when you water her and let her bloom and flourish at her own time; it’s the most amazing beauty you will ever see. She will give you the jaw dropping WOW factor every time. With her looks and her knowledge. She is the rarest of the rosas. She looks strong but is delicate.

She loves to be pampered and loved but most of all respected. This lovely flower has her ways. If you don’t water her daily she will wilt in your own two hands. If you mistreat her you will get poked by her thorns. Learn to love her for who she is and you will have one amazing electrifying woman right by your side. She will love you and make you feel like no other ever has. Her loyalty and friendship is one you never want to loose.
She will honestly tell you what you might not want to hear but will always be by your side. At times she is like a child but makes you feel so blessed and ecstatic.

Her affection is one of a kind.
This Rosa is charming, dazzling and gorgeous but can also be intimidating.

She glows of glitter all over her body and is ravishing in her own special way. This Rosa I will water thru out my life and hold tightly in my hands. I know the rosa will poke and the flower will close at times but I will hold her in my hands ’til she blooms again.

This rose has a special name
“Baby Queen”
Every boss deserves a Rosa (Baby Queen).
She is trying to be a rosa.
by Boss Queen November 01, 2011
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