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The only lasting empire comprised of the twelve hebrew tribes.
The religion that Christianity and Islam came from.
They copied the whole thing from judaism
If your hating than you are a loser.
people who say jews are stingy are wrong because they just don't waste their money on a bunch of bullshit that the goyims buy. They are just pissed off because they aren't getting the jew's money because they are stupid.
Whoever says jews are greedy is like saying asians are good drivers.
learn to love your fellow jew because he is equal or worth more than you!
Yo Danny christmas is a bullshit holiday because the jews made up all that stuff about santa and the trees. I think jews actually have brains now! Lets go decorate a tree and then burn it after christmas for no reason.
by Borat north of jewtown December 04, 2006
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