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Moving or walking extremely slowly - like a nigger.

Walking around with no particular purpose except to pass time - which makes walking slowly more effective.

Origin: Niggers tend to walk very slowly, like they have nowhere to go - which is usually the case.
Damn it! This project is moving at the speed of nigger! It should have been finished a month ago!

Look at that nigger! It's moving at the speed of...nigger! lol

Come on dude, you are moving at the speed of nigger. What the hell is your problem?
by Bobby Fransisco III January 24, 2009

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A non-black woman who consorts with or dates African-Americans. The term does not apply to African-American women since they are forced to date African-American men.

Origin: African-American males are approximately 7 times more likely to rape than other males. Every day on average 103 white women are raped by Blacks, or one every 14 minutes while virtually no Black women are raped by Whites. White, Asian or Hispanic women who do not avoid African-Americans are putting themselves at risk - effectively volunteering themselves for rape.
"Shit, look at these rape volunteers, hanging out with these niggers!"

"Yes it's sad; Donna just joined the rape volunteer corps. She got to enjoy the benefits of multiculturalism downtown last night!"

"I have many Black friends!"
by Bobby Fransisco III January 25, 2009

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