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A bong is like a heavenly pipe made of mysterious, colourd stuff. It has been used for billions of years. recently they found the biggest and propably most funkiest bong in the history of gettin a little high, like a towel would say.
if you ever tried to smoke a bong without water, you sure know that you should have known before. so here it is: put water into a bong before smoking it.
Remember, always buy a big "small/medium" head.

you can smoke it all with one hit - you can...
my advice: Smoke a lot of bong! The more you smoke - the more you will need to feed that bong!
"Duuuude, that bong is tha shit!"

"Holy Bongomolie, Bob's bong just raped my lungs, bro'!"
by Bob Morane the insane Cook February 10, 2010
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