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26 definitions by Bloodthirsty Vampire

A girl who is in high school or college who fucks every guy she sees to get answers for her tests because she's so stupid that she doesn't have a brain.
Man, Erin Mulcahy is a stupid slut
by Bloodthirsty Vampire November 16, 2018
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One of the most dank memes out there. He's used for awkward situations such as when you get caught passing notes in class or when a school shooter finds you hiding in the bathroom.
I was like Spongegar when my mom purposely walked in on me when I was taking a shower.
by Bloodthirsty Vampire December 15, 2017
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dumbass multiplied by dumbfuck= cockass
Slut = cockass
by Bloodthirsty Vampire April 9, 2019
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The idiot Nazi dictator of America. A selfish man who looks at women as objects. An idiot who uses a tanning bed and spray tan so he can make Annoying Orange jealous. He might end up creating a genocide of innocent Mexicans because he's such a jerk.
Man, Donald Trump sucks.
by Bloodthirsty Vampire November 8, 2017
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A red alcoholic drink made from fermented fruit juice. It looks a lot like blood. Generally made from grapes and cherries.
Man, the first day of the zombie apocalypse, i got so fucking wasted by drinking a whole bottle of red wine and 3 shots of cherry vodka. I used the wine bottle to mercy 5 zombies while i was still drunk as Hell. Is that badass or what?
by Bloodthirsty Vampire January 30, 2019
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The song Spongebob sings towards the end of the movie
by Bloodthirsty Vampire September 14, 2021
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