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An idiot. The definition of Hitler and Trump as they've discriminated against innocent people.
by Bloodthirsty Vampire November 28, 2017
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Born: 10-11-2019
Time of death 6:18 AM 9-8-2021
Cause of death: Cancer

She was an adorable baby girl who loved her family. Her and her family fought hard for to live. When she died, her oldest female cousin was over 200 miles away asleep in bed. When her cousin got up for work that morning, she had a splitting headache on the left side of the brain, but chalked it up to not using her CPAP and to hormones as it was almost that time of the month. Hours later, that same cousin would find out in the middle of her shift that Kiaya had passed away, and start crying.
Kiaya, you were a really sweet baby. I know that the headache was my body trying to tell me that you were gone.😭
by Bloodthirsty Vampire September 16, 2021
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A place that ruins your life by your grades and what teachers say about you at parent teacher conferences which result in your bed room door being taken away for not going to tutoring
by Bloodthirsty Vampire November 6, 2017
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A place full of fucking sluts, old bitchy hags, fashion restrictions, and annoying jocks. The sluts manipulate you, the hags tell your parents every little mistake you made, and the jocks only talk to you if you have a curvy body like mine. If you're lucky, you'll find some people that like you. Fuck school, fuck abortion, and most of all: fuck mentality discrimination.
Damn, school is the reason why i want to keep the lid on my coffin closed
- Lili
by Bloodthirsty Vampire January 5, 2019
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A bird that smells like trash and shit, steals your food, shits on you, is extremely noisy, and eats poor defenseless baby sea turtles. They're nothing more than flying Donald Trumps. They're usually found near bodies of water and in dumps. The best way to get rid of them is to throw rocks at them and holler curse words.
Man, seagulls are fucking pieces of shit. Friggin' flying rats.
by Bloodthirsty Vampire December 15, 2017
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A woman who only lets her kids listen to educational music and causes traffic jams at the local elementary school because they want to make sure their "perfect children" don't get hurt or killed while walking 10 feet to get to the door. Her kids are spoiled brats and act like the little shits they are in public. Soccer moms generally don't have a job, bleach their hair, and drive luxury mini vans. They're referred to as trophy wives as they wear tons of makeup and get their hair bleached once a week to make regular moms like mine feel bad. They don't let their kids use the internet because it's "violent" and "sexual", the kids can only watch PG and G rated movies, and play Minecraft for a video game.
Me: *Listening to Nicki Minaj
Me: *Turns it up
Soccer Mom: If you don't turn that off, I'm calling the police
Me: Bitch, shut the fuck up ya nigga!
by Bloodthirsty Vampire April 24, 2018
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