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A mean person who hurts you in anyway frequently. Where I come from, I was bullied until I got to be in 6th grade. Just typing this up is bringing back terrible memories. There was one time where the group of bullies caught me and one of them kicked me in the shin. A bully might also chase you and cause you to lose 10-20 pounds in one school year. . In high school, I've never been bullied so far since I just started. There's this one guy who teases me a little, but he's cool. In some high schools, bullying gets so bad that teens take their own lives. It's gotten to be so bad that everyday that parents have to bury their beloved sons and daughters unexpectedly. If you say something or do something to hurt someone's feelings, you're a bully. If you victim takes his or her life, you're not just a bully, you're a murderer. Now that you've read this, I hope you change and say sorry to someone you've hurt, because that person's life could be hanging by a thread. There may not be any physical scars, but there's scars that are in the mind that'll never disappear. Please be nice to everybody, even if you don't like them, because you might just save a life. Teen suicide rates are at an all time high, but I want them to be at an all time low. If you're a victim of bullying, say something, because bullying is a crime, and you're the victim. If it doesn't stop, tell the police. If somebody physically hits you, you kick their ass.
Stop being a bully.
by Bloodthirsty Vampire November 08, 2017

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A famous vampire that DOESN'T sparkle in the sunlight. He's the original gangster and doesn't fall in love with humans. He could kick Edward Cullen's ass without batting an eye or even caring. Had he met Bella Swan, she'd be dead within a week. He burns when he touches sunlight, hates the smell of garlic, and can be killed with a wooden stake.
Me: Yo Dracula, waddup bro?
Dracula: Nothing much. Hey, do you know where I can find a blood bank around this joint?
Me: Try looking in Saginaw. It's 40 miles northeast of here.
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by Bloodthirsty Vampire November 15, 2017

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An annoying piece of crap until he turns 7. He doesn't listen to you and does things to get you in trouble on purpose. Your mom will favor him more than you, and if you try for revenge, you'll be grounded for a month. He'll treat you like shit from the day he turns 2 to the day he turns 7. He thinks he owns you and will treat you like trash if you're a lady like me with autism, using your disability to enslave you to his torture. The only way you can escape him alive is to stay strong, and turn 18. Younger siblings are generally another reason why suicide is a big killer worldwide. When it comes to my little brother, he can't make up his mind about me as his big sister. Sometimes, he's really nice, other times, he really cruel. It's like: "Dude, make up your fucking mind!!".
Man, my little brother is bi-polar.
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by Bloodthirsty Vampire December 12, 2017

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A girl who is in high school or college who fucks every guy she sees to get answers for her tests because she's so stupid that she doesn't have a brain.
Man, Erin Mulcahy is a stupid slut
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by Bloodthirsty Vampire November 16, 2018

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What the seagulls say in Finding Nemo.
Seagulls: Mine mine mine!
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by Bloodthirsty Vampire January 29, 2019

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1: A person who teaches you things and helps you or

2: A bitchy old hag who makes you redo your math homework and calls your parents when you refuse because you'll be stuck there for hours on 1 math problem and she doesn't give a shit about you because she only likes seeing you get in trouble at home.
Me: yay i got my math homework done so i can be on Facebook during study skills
Rat Lady (teacher): Let me see your math homework
Me: it's done
Rat Lady: i wanna see it
Me: (grudgingly hands it over)
Rat Lady: all of this is wrong
Me: im not doing that shit again
Rat Lady: Too bad
Me: no, you can't make me damn it (thinking inside of head : {FUCK YOU, YOU OLD BITCH!})
Mom: your teacher called, you're grounded
Me: Damn it
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by Bloodthirsty Vampire August 20, 2018

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A woman who only lets her kids listen to educational music and causes traffic jams at the local elementary school because they want to make sure their "perfect children" don't get hurt or killed while walking 10 feet to get to the door. Her kids are spoiled brats and act like the little shits they are in public. Soccer moms generally don't have a job, bleach their hair, and drive luxury mini vans. They're referred to as trophy wives as they wear tons of makeup and get their hair bleached once a week to make regular moms like mine feel bad. They don't let their kids use the internet because it's "violent" and "sexual", the kids can only watch PG and G rated movies, and play Minecraft for a video game.
Me: *Listening to Nicki Minaj
Me: *Turns it up
Soccer Mom: If you don't turn that off, I'm calling the police
Me: Bitch, shut the fuck up ya nigga!
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by Bloodthirsty Vampire May 29, 2018

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