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A term used in most MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) but specifically WoW (World of Warcraft).

It is when you make a new character and give it advanced weapons, armor, or other equipment. This equipment is usually too advanced to achieve otherwise at such an early level. The player might also give his Twink lots of money to buy equipment, instead.

Many people get angry when they see twinks because they are so much better than them, although they are near the same level. However, in WoW, most weapons have a level you need to achieve in order to use it (i.e. level 10) which limits twinking from getting to extreme.

Noun- Twink
Verb- (to) Twink
Adjective- Twinkish

Wow, that level 10 Paladin has a sword that does 30 dps...TWINK ALERT!


Yeah I am going to twink my new character so I can level really fast...


I hate it when you duel those twinkish players and always get owned...GRRRRRR!!!!
by Bloodbeard the Drunk January 31, 2007

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A character class in the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. Hunters are popular because they have outstanding ranged capabilities, and can also train pets that can tank for them, whilst the deal the most damage from their gun/bow. Many people consider them to be cheap because of this, however, Hunter's ranged ability is not as good as a mage, and its fighting ability is not as good as a paladin or a warrior.

Hunters are still often looked down in WoW, which although is not completely unjustifiable, isn't fair because Hunters can be quite easy to defeat if one knows what they are doing.
The Hunter had his Ice Cave Bear attack the Orc Warrior, while he loaded his Blunderbuss with ammo. The Warrior is screwed...
by Bloodbeard the Drunk January 31, 2007

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