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1) a death resulting from choosing to fight back against overwhelming enemy force rather than surrender; to choose to receive unilateral deadly force in conflict rather than end the conflict. Applies mostly to spectacular painless death, whether painless from adrenaline/drug anesthesia or instant death/instant loss of consciousness with death while unconscious; more difficult to apply to long, painful death, pathetic death, or death without much resistance.

2) any spectacular downfall
1a) The Japanese decided to go out in a blaze of glory and fight to the very last man. It was Americans that surrendered when they were overwhelmed. There were no survivors.

1b) Rather than surrender to the undercover cop that identified himself and was trying to arrest them, Georg waited until the cop was distracted and then Georg tried to gun down the cop. Bommi also shot at the cop as soon as he heard shooting. The cop shot Georg to death instead, but Bommi was then able to shoot to death the cop in turn and escape. It was common knowledge between the cop, Georg and Bommi that the cop was risking his life to impose on Georg and Bommi the choices of surrendering and risking imprisonment or execution, killing the cop, or going out in a blaze of glory.

2a) The Galileo space probe was ordered to enter Jupiter's atmosphere. This caused it to burn up and go out in a blaze of glory, rather than risking crashing into one of Jupiter's moons. Crashing into a moon would risk contaminating the moon with Earth's microbes, frustrating any effort to find native life.

2b) Area man with help from girlfriend amassed enormous amounts of cannabis and blue corn chips. With a warrant out for his arrest, he jumped bail and fled to his friend's house, where he revealed his plan to his girlfriend: Eat cannabis brownies and corn chips, wait for a cannabis-induced overwhelming urge to have sex, then have a kinky sex and cocaine induced massive heart attack. He had evaded detection until he carried out his plan the following month. He was found wandering the streets and was hospitalized. There it was soon discovered that he was a fugitive. He had truly went out in a blaze of glory.
by Blaze of Glory February 01, 2007

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