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Could mean any of the following:

1. General principle. Usually used after the word "on".

2. Good point.

3. General purpose.

4. General population

5. Ginger Pubes

6. Good Pussy

7. Gay Pride
1. "I should beat his ass for acting like that just on GP, but I won't because he's my best friend."

2. "The letters GP have many different meanings.", "Yeah, GP."

3. "Alcohol is a GP cleaner because it kills germs well."

4. "Greasy mullets are common among the GP of trailer parks."

5. "Protective eye gear should be worn when looking at GPs."

6. "Dude she's totally GP."

7. "Don't use that Myspace layout dude, it's totally GP."
by Blarg39 August 17, 2006
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