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Taking a medium sized dildo (6-8 inches), insert into your partners' ass. Then proceed to perform anal sex on them. Forcing the dildo further into their anus. Later in the evening, they will have the pleasure of trying to force the dildo back out and cleaning it themselves.
My girlfriend was feeling adventurous, so we tried the Oregon Log Jam. She will never shit the same!
by Black Smoke June 10, 2008
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1. repititve words said by people, media, government and other elements -- that they go to an extent where they are considered redundants or, in other words, farts.

Origin: verbal - "of words", farts - "gaseous emissions from anus". ENGLISH
Dude #1: I'm sorry I didn't give your book, bro. I'll give it to you tomorrow.
Dude #2: You said that yesterday. You're pulling off verbal farts, bruh!
by Black SMOKE September 14, 2015
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