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A tranny attention whore that enjoys talking about himself, scamming people and wasting precious pixels.
They are known for posting about 5-7 pictures and 2-3 of them aren't even the same person.
The only way to defeat a Revolive is to send them a virus and accidently their whole computer. You can also ask them how large their penis is, but it only causes them to post more pictures.
A Revolive is very deadly and if they aren't destroyed before they become too powerful they will ruin fucking everything.
Revolive - im not the only one that thinks im awesome

Hok - Nice, you submitted your username to urban dictionary, and wrote up a definition. That's like making a wikipedia article on yourself. Cool stuff.

Bumblebee - everyone thumbs down it :)

Skilr_Pwnz0r - who wants to make this bitch an ed article?
by Black Duce October 17, 2010

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