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A quaint suburban area outside of Halifax known for its extensive selection of fast food eateries situated along Herring Cove Road. Spryfield is known for its rich culture which many have noted as being similar to that of Latin America. A citizen of Spryfield is known as a 'Spry'. The term spry though can also be a nickname of endearement for people who live outside of Spyfield yet choose to be fat and wear exco anyway. When taking a pleasant stroll along the side of the highway in Spryfield one may expect to see a beautiful collection of fat people wearing sweatpants, teenage girls pushing strollers, large satelite dishes, ford tempos, children with moustaches, and possibly a fight involving makeshift weapons.
I used to have a home in Spryfield but had to move after drunken children firebombed it.
by Billy Richardson April 18, 2008

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