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MV is the shit. In the summer it is the dankest place there is. Edgartown is not all that bad, granted there are a lot of preppy kids but they arent all that annoying and snobby. Edgartown is an easy place for good, clean girls that wont put out unless you get them drunk. Go to the Paper Store and watch the Shocker in action he'll show you how its done. Bottom line, GO TO MV
Island/Summer resident: Hey how are you, what is your name.
Girl Tourist: Hey, im Amanda, im visiting Martha's vineyard for a week.
Island/Summer resident: Thats cool, you wanna hang out with us tonight, theres a beach party only a mile from here.
Girl Tourist: Yea definetly.
Island/Summer resident: Alright let's go, we will show you what MV is really about.
by Bill D. Mahoney June 05, 2007

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