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"I.C.P" is the abbreviation for arguably the most pathetic, ridiculous group ever to be recorded in the history of mankind named "Insane Clown Posse". This talentless "rap" duo hailing from Detroit made a name for themselves amongst the wigger, redneck, trailer park and white trash population by painting their faces in a "clown" design and horribly attempting to mix "rap" music with horror themes, gore and blatant jackass stupidity. Fans of the group known as "juggalos" aka "jackassalos" also paint their faces while attending I.C.P shows to display their affiliation with the talentless group; in turn displaying their lack of musical taste, stupidity, white trashiness, wiggerness, jackassness and pathetic sense of togetherness. It is noted that in order to be a "jackassalo", that ones mother must be a stripper or Waffle House/Denny’s waitress, and father be a construction worker, unemployed or simply gone.

I.C.P had a much publicized feud with fellow wigger artist Eminem. It's rumored that this feud started over which artist should be awarded the title "Wigger of the Century" held at the annual Trailerpark Music Awards.
Yo my wigger, I knows you's gonna go's to dat I.C.P show tommorow. I'm heading to Hot Topic right now to find some dope threads for the show. I hope they have some clothes in size "pathetic".
by BigPerm Jenkins February 10, 2008
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