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The poopy pedro, sometimes said as "poopy page" is a discusting sexual act,involving poop and a vagina. The poopy pedro is when a man poops a particularly big, hard and dry poop, and uses as as one would use a dildo, inserting it into a womans vagina and thrusting it in and out, or simply leaving it there. It is usually performed by a man, but could technically be performed by another woman, or the woman could poop herself and use said fecal matter, however most girl-poops are not nearly strong or large enough to facillitate the use of the "poopy pedro". The name from the poopy pedro stems from names of dirty sexual acts with a mexican name in them. An example of this is the dirty sanchez, which also involves poop, or the Filthy Rodriguz. This term orinated in the Bay Area, 707. Though it was probobly performed long before the name poopy pedro was given to it, this is the first known instance of a name being applied to this sexual act.
Dude you have no idea, this chick is so kinky and nasty.
We were about to make love and she told me she was into kinky stuff. I asked her what and she told me to put poop in her vagina. She said it's called the poopy pedro. I ran outta there so fast, cuz man, that shit is nasty.
by Big Daddy Guiche September 14, 2006
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