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A lazy bastid of New England origin, most likely seen drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon or Shlitz while contemplating how to remove a stump from his property without damaging his trailer. Will often bum ciggarettes, money, beer, weed, or anything that has monetary value.
Hey ma, where's pa?

That bottom feeding dog slappas' out back rastlin' with that ole stump agin. Tell him to get down to the packy' and get some Boones Farm, 2 packs of Marlboro's and some cheese
by Big Bad Bricky September 23, 2006
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A male from Southern Rhode Island, of Irish heritage, usually driving vehicles of questionable reliability. Can be approached, as long as person approaching is offering sandwiches or beer. Most commonly overheard saying "Hey, hows it going" or " Make me a couple sandwiches", major weakness; internet porn
I gonna bring the doom with the buck
by Big Bad Bricky September 23, 2006
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