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Its a shame that a few badly educated individuals have made a bad name for anyone who wears burberry or tracksuits. I do not. Just to clear that up. I actually know a few people who are self confessed chavs, but they are perfectly nice people. But then again I guess the ACTUAL definition of a chav doesn't include being nice. So maybe this paragraph was pointless.
So for the rest of this definition, I am going to define the steriotype. And by the way, if anyone reads this, sorry if I say something that other people have said, I couldn't be bothered to read though ALL those definitions.
Aggreed, chavs are known to hang around outside, and inside, if they have money, McDonalds.
The chav female will wear way-too-tight trousers, and consequently, sometimes will walk like they just shat themselves. Either that or a precariously short skirt, or..dun dun DUN, a tracksuit. A T-shirt that shows off their attractive Mcdonalds Gut. And hair that is either pinstriaght and looking like straw or pulled back to such an extent that it becomes impossible to determine what they're face looked like before.
The male of the species will be seen only in tracksuits, or trousers with their socks pulled up OVER them, kind of defeating the object of not only socks, but trousers also. They will have dyed blonde, spiked up hair, or a crew cut, covered by a cap teetering dangerously on the very top of the head, and all us normal people have to fight very hard not to go up to them, shout "for christs sake!" and flick it off entirely.
All chavs seem to harbour a mutual loathing for anyone that listens to rock music of any form (I cant be bothered to go into all THOSE steriotypes) and get them oh so wrong, call anyone that wears black a "goff"(goth) or "emoooo" and will try to start a fight with them, but only if said "goff" is ridiclously outnumbered.
Chavs cannot seem to form a coherent sentence, because they refuse to let anyone educate them, for reasons we can only ponder over. And it is particularly frustrating when speaking to a chav on the internet where they seem to miss out ALL vowels, either that, or they abbrevaite everything, so no-one can actually understand what they are talking about.
They hang around in childrens playgrouds and break bottles for the sheer hell of it.
They swear at people for the hell of it.
They muck up everyone elses education for the hell of it.
They bully people for the hell of it.
They really are scum, almost everybody hates the typical chav described here.
I am not going to say I want all chavs to die, because for me, well, I get endless enjoyment from watching them single handedly mess their own life up. They're going to become nothing, and die, fat and alone, outside Mcdonalds.
Either that or, they will grow up, decide to try and learn, get a job, get a family, get a life...
Yeah, right.
If you read this far, WELL DONE.
Rant over.
by BethIsWatching April 27, 2007

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