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Fat Fuck Denial - someone, usually a female, who is plus sized, yet tends to wear clothes much smaller than what is able to withstand there gargantuan size, making them a "fat fuck". This is in the attempt to "deny" that they are fat and fit in with the thin people crowd. Some clothes these people prefer are So-Lows, Spandex, Speedos, or sometimes no clothes at all. More preferable clothing for these people to wear would be ponchos, sweatpants, garbage bags, tents, houses, etc.
Fat Bitch: Yes, do you happen to have these So-Lows in a -
Clerk: NO WAY, BITCH! Size extra large couldn't fit you. You an FFD! Try goin' to Big & Tall! Maybe they have something that fits. Can't fit through the door? Let me grease the sides fo' you!
by Ben and Sebastian December 10, 2005

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