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Toilet Tamers are the toilet attendants you find in Bars and Night Clubs, invariably on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. They will have an array of hair taming gels, waxes and sprays, a duty free shop worth of fragrances and a load chuba chubbs and chewing gums. They will offer you soap and towels after you wash your hands and will expect money (or if you rather, a tip) in return. If you feel tight or think a you shouldn't be bullied into not washing your hands after using the loo you can: a)use the toilet freely before 7pm, b)hold it all night c) be brave - they don't expect to be tipped if you just take soap and a towel. you only need to tip if you use one of the expensive things (gels, perfumes etc). If you want to tip, you do it like in america - once at the beginning and again at the end of the night (depending on how long you stay there!)
Go to any large night club or bar on the afore mentioned nights and meet your very own Toilet Tamer!
by Ben Suuuuuuuuunders March 16, 2007
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