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1: Noun
A generally derogatory term for women; specifically women who act in an unpleasant manner-- often associated with women who are bitter, jealous, or malicious.

2: Noun
Women who are attrative, slutty, or both; hoes.

3: Noun
A term used to describe people (male or female) whom one is not fond of.

4: Noun
A group that is acting cowardly when confronted with a dangerous, illegal, or exciting situation

5: Adjective
Being extremely desirable to females or very "cool;" sexy, hot, etc.

6: Verb
Objecting to something or complaining in an unpleasant manner.
My girlfriend's friends are real bitches; they never let me get a moment's peace when we are all together.

Rappers get more bitches than Jesus.

People from Canada are bitches.

Stop being bitches and help me steal these giant letters from the CVS Pharmacy sign.

Man, grandad, if you get them to pimp your ride, you'll be bitches!

My girlfriend bitches all the time.
by Ben H. King March 16, 2006

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