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To an excessive degree. An adverb used to replace the use of an undeclarative so. It utilizes a similar meaning and usage as the word "too". Try substituting soo when you are tempted with the urge to say "many much"
A russian bride like that must have cost you soo much money.

Remember that Family Guy episode where Brian, Peter, Stewie, and Chris all had a technicolor yawn?
Ya, they threw-up soo much.
by Ben Bonito July 14, 2005

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A funny funny funny funny (I don't think I memorized enough funny) comedian.
When I was a kid me and my friends used to build bike ramps in the middle of the street, cuz that's where the cars are. The object was to ride as fast as you could and hopefully get airborn, but that's as far as we planned. Then there's the one could who has to go tell mom...Hey mom I just came running in at full speed to say hi and see how you were. Oh and ummm you know Kevin right mom...well we were out in the street and his arm don't bend like this no more. We were thinking since you were going to the store to get milk, maybe you could drop him off at the hospital or sumpin.
by Ben Bonito June 29, 2005

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