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When a bitch is so fat you can literally just sleep on her like a fucking cushion.
She's putting on so many pounds she's becoming my cushion bitch!
by BeatleBoyThicc August 8, 2018
A group for a good cause you should definitely join!
Join the Kidney Kancer Kure!
by BeatleBoyThicc August 13, 2018
(Adj/noun) Slang for a when a person has down syndrome, mental retardation or low functioning autism that effects their voice so badly they sound like a French person with a broken jaw when they speak. (Pronounced kwoo•zul)
1. That autistic kid over there has a real Qoozle
2. He has a Qoozle-like voice
by BeatleBoyThicc August 3, 2018
A man-made vagina formed when an edgelord cuts themself on the arm. The open wound is then intended to have a penis stuck in it.
I'm giving love to that emo girl's edgy slit tonight.
by BeatleBoyThicc September 11, 2018
Pictures of clothing in bad condition with a sexual pose. Commonly associated with clothesexual people. There is also XXX wornography, which has actual cum on the clothes. Slang term for wornography is worno.
Guy 1: Bro, why the fuck are you looking at pictures of worn clothing?
Guy 2: I'm watching wornography.
Guy 1: This is why you're a social outcast.
by BeatleBoyThicc April 30, 2018
The most successful band of all time.
John Lemon, Apple McCoretney, Orange Harrison, and Ringotato Starch.
The Beetroots' hits include:
•Fruity in the Sky with Diamonds
•While My Gourdtar Gently Peels
•Peely Lane
•Lady Banana
•Hey Root
•Lettuce Be
•Don't Pear Me By
•I Me Mango
•For You Blueberry
•Yellow Tangerine
•Across the Fruitiverse
•You Never Give Me Your Mango
•The Berry of John and Yoko
•In My Lime
•Within Fruit Without Fruit
•The Inner Lime
•Drive My Carrot
•Coconut Together
•It's All Too Mushrooms
•Dear Pumpkin
by BeatleBoyThicc March 10, 2019
An insult used to call someone worthless and dysfunctional. Comparing them to a tool means that they aren't smart, are easily manipulatable, are an asshole and don't act like a proper human being.
Quit telling me I don't know what I'm doing. You're a tool, fuck off!
by BeatleBoyThicc August 13, 2018