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(verb) To make fun of an autistic kid in your class
Stop trying to awaken the beast or he'll reach for the “toy” in his backpack!
by BeatleBoyThicc January 20, 2019
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A group for a good cause you should definitely join!
Join the Kidney Kancer Kure!
by BeatleBoyThicc August 13, 2018
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When a bitch is so fat you can literally just sleep on her like a fucking cushion.
She's putting on so many pounds she's becoming my cushion bitch!
by BeatleBoyThicc August 8, 2018
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(Adj/noun) Slang for a when a person has down syndrome, mental retardation or low functioning autism that effects their voice so badly they sound like a French person with a broken jaw when they speak. (Pronounced kwoo•zul)
1. That autistic kid over there has a real Qoozle
2. He has a Qoozle-like voice
by BeatleBoyThicc August 3, 2018
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An aneurysm, seizure and orgasm all at once
“Why's that guy sweating, shaking, and bleeding all at once?”
“He's having an anzuregasm
by BeatleBoyThicc September 11, 2018
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When it reaches the climax but then you pull out when you feel the load incoming and proceed to pull out a sombrero hat with a paper cutout of Luis Fonsi glued inside and nut in it instead.
That basic bitch really thought I was about to nut in her slit but I did the Dirty Despacito instead!
by BeatleBoyThicc July 9, 2018
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An insult used to call someone worthless and dysfunctional. Comparing them to a tool means that they aren't smart, are easily manipulatable, are an asshole and don't act like a proper human being.
Quit telling me I don't know what I'm doing. You're a tool, fuck off!
by BeatleBoyThicc August 13, 2018
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