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A term teens give to themselves when they feel that life has become pointless. What they don't realize is that when they say "No one understands me" there are hundreds of normal people that don't like life as much as the "emo" people do, and they just deal with it. Emo people are just hungry for attention, and they believe that this attention will get them somewhere. The irony is, you'd think that given how much they hate life, you never see an emo person actually kill themselves and get rid of it, rather, they continue posing and getting all the attention they can.
Normal person: What's with you?

Emo Person: My life is closing in, and I'm unloved and no one understands the pain I go through.

Normal Person: Um, sorry but Everyone goes through life, you're no different.

Emo Person: You don't understand. You've never hurt yourself to get to the next day.

Normal person: Uh, if it sucks that much, why do you look forword to tommorrow to bring pain and suffering instead of killing yourself and ending the pain alltogether?

Emo Person: ...*silence*...

Normal person: Poser...
by Barron Metzen July 30, 2006

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