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One of the most well known directors of horror films. His films all have bizarre, creepy, and strange/dreamlike characteristics. He is known as an auteur, that is, one of a kind.

You will literally gasp when watching Naked Lunch, a film about some homosexuals which both glorifies and hates them at the same time; will make sure your girlfriend isn't watching you while you guiltily watch Crash, an NC-17 film with explicit sex; will vomit as you watch Videodrome, a film which twists reality and has several references to extreme BSDM; will scream when the guy's head explodes in Scanners; or will simply enjoy your time (if you're like me!)

Cronenberg is the guy for horror films. You get hooked on his films... got to see each and every one of them... well, what'tcha looking at me for... start up pi##tebay and get going... :P
"Long live the new flesh!!!!!!!!" - Videodrome
"Hey wait, be truthful, is this still the game?" - eXistenZ

Cronenberg is one of the weirdest and most strange people to direct horror films and they are about 10 times creepier and weirder than he is.
by Bark Duckerberg June 12, 2011
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