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Legend has it that the gift of banter is handed down to unsuspecting trainee Banter Merchant's through a mysterious figure named Banter Clause. There has never been any convincing or sound historical evidence to support the myth as indeed true. But supposed sightings have occurred during many Banterful occassions such as lads on the pre lash and at the party which is full of muff and beer! This makes Banter Clause a worthy LAD!
John: 'Its the night before Friggies big party! I hope Banter Clause gives me a good supply of Banter for the LOL's that should ensue!'
Russell: 'Yeah! I've been a banterful chap this week! So I hope I'm in Banter Clause's good books!
John: 'OOO I'm sceptical mate, don't think you were enough of a banterful top lad when you were pulling that bird last night mate!'
Russell: ':('
by Banter Scribe November 14, 2010
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