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The manliest man on the planet. Not a single being in the universe can defeat this man's strength and manliness. If one were to try, they would fail miserably. Bang Shishigami is so manly, he has not one theme song, but two; The second one is sung by the Japanese Vocalist who sung the Dragonball Z theme song (introduction.)

They say Bang Shishigami is not a descendant of Chuck Norris, but an Ancestor, proving not only is he stronger than Chuck, but Chuck learned from Bang as well.

There are no faults to Bang Shishigami. His Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan is more powerful than a roundhouse kick to the face from Chuck Norris, or a Falcon Punch from the one and only Captain Falcon.
Bully: Why are you so weak? *beats weak kid up*

*Weak kid follows the teachings of Bang Shishigami when he gets home*

*The next day, the Bully is nowhere to be found after a run in with the weak kid. He is no longer weak.*
by Bang Shishigami November 10, 2009

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