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acronym for "That Thing In The Desert" aka Burning Man
Hi kids...
Just a quick shout out to all going to TTITD that I hope to see you out there. I'm camping at 3:00 and theme related street name
by bakatbakastakat.cz August 30, 2010

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IS, as in complete metamorphosis, total transformation or embodiment between two subjects or a subject and a descriptor or idea.
Clapton = God
by bakatbakastakat.cz July 11, 2009

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n. - the action of removing a disk , dvd, card, usb or any other storage medium that is not functioning properly and blowing into the slot to resolve the problem. The action stems from 90s era Nintendo game consoles which would accumulate enough dust to stall the game.
Yo, pull that DVD out and give it a Nintendblow.

My camera card won't work. Try a Nintendblow in the slot.
by bakatbakastakat.cz February 22, 2009

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to describe a woman with an ample or large bosom, but without the added baggage of an overall overweight body.
Angelina Jolie is a noted bosomy actress, but Anna Nicole Smith is just plain fat.
by BakaTBakaSTakaT.Cz February 24, 2007

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adj. - used to describe any single family, free standing house built AFTER colonial times in the United States, but still having atavistic design characteristics of actual colonial houses. Somehow this style represents about 80% of current housing stock, thus representing a stagnation in architectural design for the last 232 years.
I'm so sick of looking at fauxlonial crap. I would much rather live in a modern house.

Australia is leading the world in residential design because they are not burdened with propagating fauxlomialism,
by bakatbakastakat.cz December 14, 2008

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V. The action of squeezing ones breasts together to create a more dramatic cleavage. Often done immediately prior to someone taking a picture, often in a moment of revelry or inebriation.
Most commonly seen among Midwest females during the first few warm days of spring. This phenomenon occurs simultaneously with a general shift in attire to allow more bare skin.
She's Squeezing the Cleavers in 7 or the 10 pictures she took last night.
by bakatbakastakat.cz May 07, 2007

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The feeling you get when you have two separate and distinct lifestyles that will inevitably become aware of each other in a cataclysmic and emotionally dramatic scene.
I was working the stage at the Klassy Kitty when my boss from my day job asked me for a lap dance. I was feeling a little Lost.
by bakatbakastakat.cz February 11, 2010

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