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spending all of one climatic zone's summer and then move on to another zone to spend an additional summer there.
"hey, sweet thing, i hope you don't feel stood up or something, maybe you don't feel anything at all but i think of you all the time. We just opted for a summermer this year. The kids are happy. We'll be back in no time. Be good."
by Bad Translator September 3, 2019
I love you but you have pee in your head
Can you tell your brain to use the toilet?
by Bad Translator October 10, 2019
Its Saturday night, childs sleeping, nobody needing me nor interested.

Safe to say i've gained back some freedom and time. To dive into what the city has to offer. Look at stuff, listen to music, dance! You only start missing these freedoms when they are restricted. And you enjoy them more. Value time.
Slow reconquest.
feeling like a stranger in your family. don't sing, don't laugh, don't express yourself, go and function like the rest
by Bad Translator July 13, 2019
what, 10 miles?
by Bad Translator January 13, 2020
chullygoon, I was hating on what i love and do not understand. I guess i was looking for "more proof". And i feel lonely. ♡
by Bad Translator September 26, 2019
No, i am not going to spam you with links and "recommendations"

What else is there to spam you with really when you have listened to this human
"radical art, radical communities and radical dreams: Guillermo Gómez-Peña at TEDxCalArts"
by Bad Translator July 9, 2019
you just do what you have done all your adult life but only in your head
only this time its being watched, rated and sold
No worries, i got this, i can pretend nobody's here and all people are good.
Then they give me money and i pay my bills. Thats art.
by Bad Translator February 8, 2020