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n: a moment between bros, usually regarding a sexual conquest, failed sexual conquest or planning a circle jerk
John: "Bro, you totally banged that skank last night."

Jim: "Yeah, bro, she was like: 'Yeah daddy! Give it to me!'"

John: "Whoa man, I'm totally getting wood thinking about it! Score!"

Janet: "I'm going to go. You two stay here and enjoy your broment."
by BTheWordMaker April 13, 2008

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n: a homosexual male who tans too much and uses too much hair product, make-up, and lip gloss, thus rendering himself in the likeness of a glazed donut -- tan with a bit of a frosted coating
LeatherBear1: "Look at that little thing! It is the middle of January! You do not have a natural tan in the middle of January!"

LeatherBear2: "And skin doesn't naturally look shimmery either."

LeatherBear3: "He's a glazed gay. We could eat him in one bite!"

*growling hungrily in unison*
by BTheWordMaker April 13, 2008

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verb phrase meaning:

teaching your woman a lesson, often through physical abuse

see also: "learn you" in reference to child abuse
"Man o man, can you believe the mouth on Beverly? If I was Rhett, I'd sure learn her good when we got home!"
by BTheWordMaker January 20, 2008

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n: the asshole of a black man or woman that has recently been anally penetrated and therefore looks slightly swollen like a blooming rose or is still tightly closed like a rosebud
Ivan: "Yeah, I fisted Dominic for the first time last night."

Brian: "Oh really?"

Dominic: "Yeah, after we got done, my asshole was like a chocolate rosebud in spring!"
by BTheWordMaker May 15, 2008

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While in a night club, the act of dancing while sitting down on a couch or sofa. Liberally applies to sitting on a bar stool or booth.
Gigi: "Get up and dance with me! You've got rhythm!"

Lou: "No, I'm too tired to stand. I think I'll just sit here and do some couch dancing."
by BTheWordMaker April 13, 2008

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like being "car sick" but in a cab/taxi

(usually because cabs drive too fast, swerve, emergency break, and don't have shocks)
"Oh Debbie, I got so cab sick on the way over. That cabbie was all over the road!"
by BTheWordMaker May 30, 2008

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n: a text message used in the hopes of setting up a later sexual encounter; a form of booty call; initially suggestive and then highly explicit
Nancy: "Bob said he wants me to 'cum over' and hang out, but no one else is there."

Trish: "Girl, you just got a sext message!"
by BTheWordMaker April 07, 2008

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