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An ass hole who likes to make up lies abot you and the things that happens in his life.
Xain said he saw your boobs. But we all were there there's no way he could have.
by biTchpLeaSe June 10, 2014

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a dumbass who is so pathetic that he has to look for some way to put himself above others and feel a little bit of self worth and therefore uses his skin color because he has nothing else he can use. Everyone with half a brain knows that the color of your skin is genetic and it has nothing to do with anything. Actually skinheads are usually uneducated bastards who try and look tough and beat up innocent people. They sure are cool! People try to cover up the culture saying that skinheads are of every color and they just are so innocent because they have good working class values....this is a cover up to try and not expose what skinheads truly are...and what they are truly. is a piece of shit who doesnt deserve a life.
That skinhead thinks he's cool with his boots and suspenders, trying to intimidate everyone. WHAT A PUSSY!!!
by BitchPlease March 11, 2006

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