3 definitions by BIGKAT56

1. Loving bad bitches
2. A song by A$AP Rocky ft. 2 Chainz, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar
3. Having affection for very attractive females and wanting to have only relations with ONLY attractive females and willing to do short of anything to achieve such a victory.
4. Actually having deep affection for bad bitches, deeper than wanting to round the bases. Deep enough to want to own a team rather than play a damn game.... Going against Drake's motto, "We don't love these hoes."
2 Chainz: "I love bad bitches, that's my fuckin prollem!"

Dave: Bro, Maddie wants me to do all this crazy shit like go shopping with her, and take her on dates and shit just so I can hit!

Jeff: That's a Fuckin' problem.
by BIGKAT56 February 9, 2013
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1. A time period in which a person has had absolutely no luck in finding a mate of any sort.

2. When a guy has gotten shot down by every chick (or guy if he rolls like that) he has tried to hit on/ get with at every party he has been to within a span of 3 to 5 months.
Example 1. Person A: Man I haven't gotten with any girls since I broke up with Jessica 7 months ago.
Person B: Sorry bro, sounds like you're just having a Bad Season.

Example 2. Person A: Man I've been to 7 parties in the past 4 months and I haven't gotten any ass whatsoever!
Person B: Damn dude, you're just having a Bad Season
by BIGKAT56 April 1, 2012
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To assault an individual who is standing facing you, then proceeding to accelerate in their direction head-on, jump into the air, wrap your legs around the individuals neck with the front of your crotch in their face while they are standing essentially forcefully t-baging them. With the momentum of your jumping into their face with your crotch in their face, they will proceed to fall directly on their back while you ride them down as if you were riding a bull.

Origin: Saint's Row the third when they main character attacks enemies in a similar and HILARIOUS fashion.
Fred: Bro, that freshman must have pissed you off earlier today.
Jason: Man you have no idea! That ho needs a good old fashioned Saint's Rowing!
Fred:....Saint's Rowing?
Jason:Hell yeah! T-Bag Ride!
by BIGKAT56 December 27, 2012
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