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One of the best burbs around the chicago area...

its not full of wiggers, wiggers get their asses handed to them at this school.. and stevenson sucks dick.. only faggots go to that school..
Poor white trash go to stevenson, and their parents work at mcdonalds or some other shitty job, while the rest of us get high paying jobs and roll in our Mercedes and Lexus's..

The only thing bad about BGHS, is the punk/gothic/emo mother fuckers...
Like Tim King, hes a fucking loser with his tight pants he looks like a faggot just like the rest of those pussys..

BGHS for the win.
Wheeling Highschool : man we are poor, just like stevenson, too bad we cant go to Buffalo grove
Tim King : im so gay
by BGHS Rocks April 22, 2006
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