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A style of music where the song being played can metaphorically walk into the listeners brain and sit on their figurative "brain-couch." Because the music is sitting on the couch and just resting in the listener's brain, it soon becomes a part of their psyche as they are listening, providing for a subconscious life-soundtrack of sorts.

The music is usually electronic, soothing, and includes subtle variations of numerous sonic elements over a consistent (and sometimes very complex) chord progression.

It is not uncommon for a listener of couch melodia to walk away from their music playing device with headphones in ear and drag their player off of their desk as a result of the misconception that there is no music playing.
Songs that exemplify Couch Melodia

"I'm Safer on an Airplane" by Copeland

"Everything in It's Right Place" by Radiohead

"Kid A" by Radiohead

"An Ending (Ascent)" by Brian Eno
by B. Schmeltomi May 22, 2008

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